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CSL Renewals

Are your courses approved by the State of Massachusetts for Construction Supervisor Licensing credits?

Yes all our live and online course are approved by the State of Massachusetts and the BBRS (Board of Building Regulations and Standards)

How do I renew my Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License?

Your renewal date is every two years. Two months prior to your renewal date, the State will send you a renewal application. For renewal you must have completed your continuing education courses then send proof of completion, the $100 renewal fee and the application to the State.

How much continuing education do I need to renew my CSL?

A licensed construction supervisor must take continuing education courses every two years based upon license category.

  • Construction Supervisor License – 12 hours of continuing education credits
  • Restricted Construction Supervisors (identified as 1 and 2 Family License on the license card) – 10 hours of continuing education credits
  • Specialty Construction Supervisors – 6 hours of continuing education credits

I missed my renewal date and my license expired, is there a grace period for renewal?

There is a one year grace period to renew licenses after expiration. For an additional fee of $100.00, licenses can be renewed up to two years after expiration. Beyond that it’s necessary to take an exam and apply for a new license. Remember that if your license has expired you are no longer able to exercise the privileges of a Construction Supervisor.

Can I take the same continuing education class twice and still receive credit for it?

You can’t take the same course in the same licensing cycle and get credit. You can repeat the same class as long as it is in a different licensing cycle.

CSL Exam and License Requirements

Does Massachusetts have a General Contractor’s License?

No, to work as a contractor you need a Construction Supervisor’s License (CSL).

Are there different types of CSL Licenses?

Yes, there are two types which pertain to the allowable size of the project

UNRESTRICTED — According to the Massachusetts Building Code, Section 108.3.5 & Section 116.0, individuals who directly supervise persons engaged in construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, removal, or demolition involving any activity regulated by the code for the following must possess an unrestricted construction supervisor license.

  • Buildings containing less than 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space;
  • One- and two-family dwellings or any accessory building thereto irrespective of size;
  • Buildings used for farm purposes; and
  • Retaining walls less than 10 feet in height at all points along the wall as measured from the base of the footing to the top of the wall.

RESTRICTED (ONE- AND TWO-FAMILY ONLY) — Individuals who hold a restricted (one- and two-family only) construction supervisor’s license shall be limited to direct supervision of persons engaged in construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, removal, or demolition involving any activity regulated by the code for: any one- and two-family dwellings irrespective of size or any accessory building thereto.

What are the qualifications to take the state exam?

You must have three years of full time construction or design experience.

How do I go about documenting 3 years of construction experience?

You can use a letter from a previous employer or a tax document such as W-2, 1099 or Schedule C if you are self-employed.

Are there any general requirements to take this course?

Yes. You must be able to read and comprehend English. The Massachusetts State Building Code is printed in English only; therefore, the state exam is given in English only.

Do I need to take a prep course to be able to take the exam?

No, there is no requirement to take a prep course but it will likely increase your odds of passing.

Where do I take the exam and when is it offered?

You can take the exam whenever you are ready at a Prometric Computer Testing Center.

For questions about MA CSL exams:

Phone: 800.813.6671
Fax: 800.347.9242
TDD User: 800.790.3926
Web site:

For questions about license applications:

State of Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards
One Ashburton Place, Room 1301
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617.727.3200
Web site:

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