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CSL Renewal courses statewide

CSL Renewal
To renew a CSL license sign up for a 12 hour live course – or 6 hours live and 6 online. Live CSL renewal courses are run by local chapters and held throughout the state. The 12 hour courses are generally held over two days – 6 hours each day. If you have a “Restricted” or “Specialty” construction supervisor license make sure you are signing up for the correct day of live instruction that fulfills the requirements for your renewal. Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

CSL Exam Prep
Prep courses help contractors prepare for the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License exam.  You will generally have classes once a week for several weeks.  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on obtaining a CSL.

Refresher Courses
Refresher courses bring you up to date on the latest techiques and technologies in your field. This also includes certification courses in such areas as lead paint safety.

Classroom CSL Renewal, Exam Prep and Refresher Courses

Construction Supervisor License Requirements

License Renewal

Effective 1/1/18, MA Construction Supervisor License holders must enroll in 12 hours of professional development within every 2 year licensing cycle. Up to a maximum of six of these hours can be online with the rest in the classroom.

Unrestricted Construction Supervisor

12 Hours Required (up to a maximum of 6 online)

Restricted Construction Supervisor (One- and Two-Family Dwellings)

10 Hours Required

Specialty Construction Supervisor

6 Hours Required

Required Curriculum

  • Code Review 4 hours (CS & CSFA) 2 hours (CSSL)
  • Workplace Safety 1 hour
  • Business Practices / Workers’ Compensation 1 hour
  • Energy (except Demolition Specialty License) 1 hour
  • Lead Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle) 1 hour
  • The remainder credit hours are electives.

CSL License Requirements

  • Three years of full time construction or design experience
  • You can have worked for a licensed contractor or have been self-employed
  • You must be able to read and comprehend English
  • You must pass the Massachusetts CSL exam